Investment and Retirement Planning


The cornerstone of a solid financial plan starts with an understanding of how each part of your portfolio works, and what it can do for you. Too often, we surrender the mechanics of an investment to someone else, only to discover too late that their choices were not something we could live with.

At PIMS we take time to demystify each asset class so that you have a clear picture of why that asset type may or may not add value to your goals. This involves a clear picture of what goals you have, when you wish to realize those goals and a clear understanding of your risk tolerance.

Once we have a clear picture we can blend different asset types to a tailor-made solution for you. Regular discussion and reporting will keep us in tune with changes in your overall needs and keep you in touch with market changes that affect your portfolio and retirement plan.

Optimal asset allocation strives to provide a mix of assets, which will maximise total portfolio return and minimise portfolio risk.  Understanding your needs and investment aspirations together with your risk profile, we can invest across the globe in the following assets:

  • Cash and Money Market
  • Bonds
  • Property
  • Equities
  • Alternative Strategies

PIMS ultimate objective is to build a fortress that provides adequate annuity income in our clients later years whilst preserving and growing their capital base for future generations.