About Us

Personal Investment Management Services (PIMS), aims to provide a single point of delivery to discerning investors who strive to maximise their assets, and to preserve and shelter those assets from ever changing threats.

We understand that every client has their own financial goals and unique circumstances. Through a global network of professional affiliates PIMS works to provide a tailored comprehensive solution. Topical advice on the most appropriate structure moulds your portfolio into a resilient personal plan able to stand the test of time.

PIMS is totally independent and is not aligned to any financial services provider freeing us from restriction and giving us the flexibility to ensure an unbiased and appropriate financial plan.

The primary focus of every portfolio is risk management. Diversification across asset types and geographic regions is the cornerstone of our philosophy. At PIMS we take time to demystify each asset class so that you have a clear picture of why that asset type may or may not add value to your goals. This involves a clear picture of what goals you have, and when you wish to realize those goals.

Regular discussion and reporting will keep us in tune with the changes in your overall needs and keep you in touch with market changes that affect your portfolio.